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Hasbro: a game changer in the entertainment world

Hasbro is a global play and entertainment company in the world of toys, games, and entertainment. Established in 1923, Hasbro has evolved into a household name, enchanting all generations with its innovative products and beloved franchises. Hasbro is known for its popular toy characters such as Pokémon and My Little Pony, but also for games like Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo and many more.

Step up your game with our Hasbro licenses

At Saborn Trading, we specialize in the design and promotion of Hasbro-themed apparel and accessories. Our product range also includes items for brands like Nerf and Peppa Pig. If you’re interested in our Hasbro licenses and innovative designs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Some popular Hasbro licenses:

Saborn collaboration with Hasbro

Our close cooperation with Hasbro

Embrace the popularity associated with Hasbro's household name, as collaborating with this renowned company opens doors to a market of enthusiastic consumers seeking the familiarity of series and toys.