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Your premier destination for trendy licensed clothing

At Saborn Trading, you find your go-to destination for developing and marketing licensed clothing that seamlessly blends the latest fashion trends with individual style preferences.

With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and timely delivery, we take pride in translating the newest fashion concepts into personalized apparel for customers of all ages. Think of sweaters, nightwear, underwear, scarfs, socks and many more textile products and accessories.

Why work with us?

Always on track with the latest developments in fashion trends and licensed branding

We are dedicated to staying ahead in the dynamic world of fashion and licenses. Our team constantly keeps a close track of emerging trends. Our mission is to translate the newest trends into concepts that suit individual styles and preferences. Whether it's baby, kids, teens, or adults, we create licensed apparel that resonates with the diverse tastes of our customers.

Licensed clothing with respect for people and the environment

Our commitment to excellence extends to the production process. At Saborn Trading, we produce clothing that suits customer requirements while maintaining respect for both people and the environment. Our emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices ensures that every piece of clothing is crafted with care and responsibility, at our own production location in India.

Creative total concepts and partnerships with license brands

For developing and marketing licensed apparel, underwear, nightwear, and other related textile accessories for babies, kids, teens and adults, we have strong partnerships with world players in the licensed branding industry. Think of Disney and Warner Bros, but also Hello Kitty, Care Bears, NASA, Fireman Sam and many more. With the right style guides, combined with the creativity of our experienced in-house designers, our creative total concepts are suitable for everyone.